Achievements of Narendra Modi








Entrepreneurs want Gujarat CM Narendra Modi should be the next Prime Minister of India. Several young, educated men and women want Narendra Modi to lead India as its Prime Minister.

Here is the list of achievements made by Narendra Modi:

01. According to India Today’s (India’s one of the vast read magazine) opinion, Narendra Modi is the best CM among all CMs of Indian states.

02. Hong Kong based brokerage house CLSA has praised Narendra Modi for his fund management skills related to Gujarat.

03. Top people from Japan, US, UK and other keep on meeting Narendra Modi. Its one of the achievement.

04. Gujarat has a large facility by Ford – automobile manufacturer

05. Population of Lions had increased in Gujarat under Narendra Modi’s rule. Thanks to his contribution.

06. For more than 10 years Narendra Modi is the CM for Gurajarat – Long serving CM.

07. UK government directly wants relationship with Gujarat than rest of India – courtesy, Narendra Modi.

08. Gujarat is the leading solar power generating state in India.

09. Gujarat has the largest e-serving network (13685 panchayats covered) comparing to other states in India

10. Gujarat International Finance Tech-City – a model for rest of the world

11. Narendra Modi has consistently been awarded as best administrator by different private organisations from all over the world

12. Police department of Gujarat will have its own ERP system implemented soon – its on the process

Dear readers, what else you want to know about Gujarat CM and his achievements? This is the only list available that details about his achievements.

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Vote for Narendra Modi… Let us make India shine…


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