The word ‘Antah Prerana’ (AntarPrerna) from Sanskrit language has become “Entreprenuer”

Fact about Hinduism: The word ‘Antah Prerana’ (AntarPrerna) from Sanskrit language has become “Entreprenuer” in English. Entreprenuer word was first used by French. They reached India – Mosalipatnam (Bandar, Andhra Pradesh) and Surat in Gujarat – In 1672. They came across Hindu Sadhus (Monks) and Dharma vyavahartas (street hawkers) all are responding to what they call as “Antah Prerna”. French found that many indvidual Hindus were fiercely Independent. They are not afraid of doing liberally what they were thinking of doing. Hindus are theologically conservatives but outwardly liberal – a very important combination for entreprenuership! When questioned about their free thinking habit Hindu Sadhus replied “Antrah Prerna” means “Inner Calling”. . Therefore French Economist St Jean Baptiste studied this Hindu concept of Antahprerana and mentioned this word in his book on Economics in 1723. Western civilization has taken many Hindu Sanskrit words which give importance for Atmonnati and self-preservation. AntarPrerna is also used by Chanakya. Business Pundit, Business Guru, Entreprenuer —- all these words are Hindu to the core! Sanskrit is designed on “Mantra Yoga”. So these words become more useful when one practises Hinduism in day to day life. Be proud that you are a Hindu


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