S.Gurumurthy speech – Greatness Of Indian Society

Published on Jan 19, 2014
Mananiya Shri S.Gurumurthy`s keynote Speech on Inaugural Session of Swadeshi jagaran manch Rastriya sammelan, at trivendram on 13.12.2013
Shri Swaminathan Gurumurthy, a well-known commentator on Economics and politics and a leading corporate adviser in India. Mr. Gurumurthy is an acclaimed writer who has penned thought provoking articles in several dailies and periodicals across the country. He is well known for his radical views on raging issues. Many of his articles in the New Indian Express highlighted the disadvantages of globalization espousing the cause of the Swadeshi Movement and a united India. Along with his team of professionals and academics, Mr. Gurumurthy has studied over 42 community driven industrial clusters in different parts of the country. A chartered accountant by training, his outstanding knowledge of economics and accounting, unconventional economic thinking and his powerful personality have had an immense influence over corporate India. After completing his C.A. in 1972 he joined an auditing firm and was alloted the job of maintaining the books of some of the companies owned by the Ramnath Goyenka. In 1976 Mr. Gurumurthy started his own firm – Guru and Vardhan. Mr. Gurumurthy has to his credit solved many corporate family issues and also brought about an amicable solution to one of the biggest corporate issues between Grassim and L&T. He was rated among the 50 most powerful persons in India in 1990 by the gentleman Magazine, as the 8th most powerful person by the Business Standard Magazine in 2004, and as the 17th most powerful person by India today magazine in 2005. It is noteworthy that his influence rest on the status he enjoined as a person, and as a writer of integrity and courage. Rather than power from any formal position he occupied in the government or any organization.


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