Only Sonia Gandhi can bring strong Lokpal: Arvind Kejriwal


TNN | Oct 19, 2011, 03.49AM IST

LUCKNOW: Team Anna on Tuesday attacked political parties on the issue of corruption. It said that it is campaigning against Congress because it is in power and in a position to bring a strong Jan Lokpal, which will curb corruption across the country.

Addressing a public meeting, team Anna members Arvind Kejriwal, said, “Uttar Pradesh has been facing the brunt of corruption for last several decades. The face of political party in power changes with time but the corrupt system does not, Under Mayawati regime, the state saw National Rural Health Mission scam, Taj Corridor scam, and MNREGS scam among others.”

During the tenure of Mulayam Singh Yadav, the state faced recruitment scam in which candidates were forced to sell jewellery of their mothers and wives to get job in state police, alleged Kejriwal. “The Rs 55,000 crore food grain scam during Mulayam’s rule saw food grain meant for poor being smuggled to Nepal and Bangladesh. Similarly, in BJP rule there were a number of scams,” said the Magsaysay awardee. Narrating an incident, Kejriwal said, “I typed UP and Mayawati on the search engine in the internet, there was a list of over 100 scams in UP.” he said.

The question is can Mayawati constitute Lokpal to curb corruption or for that Mulayam or BJP, Kejriwal asked?

“The answer is that only Congress president Sonia Gandhi can do so. Her direction to the Congress-led UPA government can ensure a strong Jan Lokpal, which can put all corrupt politicians behind bars be it those belonging to BSP, SP, BJP or Congress,” he said at Jhulelal Park.

Kejriwal said, “It is the duty of the government to follow the wish of the people. It is clear after Hisar Lok Sabha by-election that people want a strong Lokpal and Congress should follow it.”

We should tell our elected representatives that if they want our votes in future, they will have to vote for a strong Lokpal in the parliament. Anna has made only two demands – First: Bring a law, which ensures that probe of a complaint is completed within a year and trial in another one year, i.e, in two years the guilty should be punished, his/her property confiscated and deposited in public exchequer. Secondly, every department should come out with a charter to deliver time bound services and those who fail should be punished,” he said. The Team Anna is on a five day UP tour to make people aware about the Lokpal issue.

He asked the public that if a strong Lokpal law is not enacted in the winter session of the Parliament, people should ensure that Congress does not get even a single vote in the 2012 assembly elections in UP.

Manish Sisodia, another team Anna member, pointed out towards the observation of former prime minister Rajiv Gandhi that from the Re 1 sent by the Centre, only 10 paise reaches the ground. “Rahul Gandhi says that only five paise reaches people. Where does the remaining 85 paise go? You can see this money in palatial houses, farm houses and luxury vehicles of the netas and officials. I was recently in Dubai where a friend showed me a shop owned by a UP minister. The shop was running in loss since it was established but last year it recorded a whooping Rs 130 crore profit,” he said.

Kumar Vishwas, another core group member, said that the anti-corruption movement has entered into a decisive phase, where every person will have to be his/her own leader. “Check the Lokpal law government brings by applying it on the corrupt minister of your area. If you see that law is appropriate to put that minister behind bars, it’s ok. If not, vote against the Congress,” he said.

Sanjay Singh, another team member, said that Congress leader Digvijay Singh says that RSS is behind Anna’s movement but the fact is that Digvijay is keeping the BJP alive through ‘Osamaji’ statements. “Example is Digvijay’s home state Madhya Pradesh, where BJP is in power for the last 10 years,” he said.



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