All that a person appointed as the Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) has to do is, be neutral in his/her approach. When the nation goes to vote, it trusts the CEC to make sure there are no frauds.
However, in this election, thanks to our CEC Mr. VS Sampath, various irregularities have come into light:

(1) People found immensely slow response to their change requests for voting constituencies or even new voter Id cards

(2) People went to vote but found their names missing/erased. Number in millions. (

(3) Reports have come in about tampering with EVMs post election (

(4) Some constituencies reported massive bogus voting. (

(5) SECURITY THREAT ! Crores of Bangladesis found to posses voter I-cards (

(6) EVMs which were doing bogus voting to congress (

(7) Some congress ministers openly captured the booth but no complaint was registered (

(8) Congress and AAP candidates openly violated election code of conduct but the only FIR registered was that against Narendra Modi. He was found not guilty later. (Congress: 

All of these reports forced us to do a little research.. and voila ! .. look what we found. 
This guy VS Sampath was handpicked by Sonia in 2012. (

We rest our case. No further comments, we shall hear your opinion instead.

Thanks for your time.


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