1) We plan to fight election at 300 places in loksabha
2) We will be helped by all the media channels who had been suckers of congress party
3)Our job is the Take over all NAMO 4 PM campaign
4) Our media friends will make sure that NAMO does not get any bandwidth or Airtime
5) We will do 1 new drama every day in delhi to eat
discussion space webspace ,talktime,and airtime
6) We will fight only from the places where chances of MODI wining are bright.
7) Our job is to get 10-20 seats so that there is again hung loksabha
Since most of the political parties in india
practice political untouchabilty towards MODI so our 10-20 seats will
contribute towards secular sarkar making in 2014 electiion
9) THE new loksabha of 2014 would comprise of (AAP +SP+BSP+JDU+MIM+RAJT+DMK+PMK+..10 _ more parties) supported from outside by congress party
10) We will fight against these parties but after
election they will be our friends
11) We will pretend that we are neither taking nor giving support to anybody.
12) MODI Will be jailed
13) He will also lose gujrat
14)Over all loser would be Indian junta as whole
15) The top loser would be middle class which is already treated
like doormat.


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