Why we Must elect Namo Bhai as PM?

Listen to Modi’s message carefully. He wanted development of
nation, wanted to impart skill to people, wanted to reduce unemployment, he is
a non corrupt leader and wanted to have a non corrupt nation, he wanted to take
our country to number one position in growth overtaking China, he wanted to
give a safe and secure environment to live (go and see all people who lost
their family members in terror strike, speak to innocent people who lost their
organs in bomb blasts to get his massage). Do you all think we are safe when
you are in shopping mall or in vegetable market????? His massage is if we had a
selfless visionary leader post independence we Indians don’t have to leave our
states to find jobs in other countries, rather we could have given jobs to
foreigners. We could have retained all talents in India for our innovation to
become a world leader in technology.

All those who find mistake in him are those who are afraid
of BJP and him. These people will remain in opposition for whole life ones NAMO
becomes PM. He is not having any family commitments he consider whole nation as
his family. I wish all Indians who have
children to go and vote for BJP . Only this party can save us before India
becomes Taliban’s headquarter.

All surveys say if he becomes PM our Stock market will do
well, Lot of multinational’s wanted to invest in India. Wake up guys if you are
still unemployed go and vote for BJP.


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