Highlights of Modi’s Vijay Shankhnaad Rally in Agra, Uttar Pradesh -NOV 21/2013

• It seems Uttar Pradesh has an internal competition – Jhansi topped Kanpur, there was Bhairaich and now Agra has topped all venues
• This is a historic land for various reasons. When we showcase India, we first present the image Taj Mahal.
• Tourists come to Agra from the across the world. Estimates say tourism industry will be worth $ 3 trillion. But will Agra get anything? Don’t think so…
• The reason is the government in Delhi is indecisive about what to prioritize. Should there not be an international airport in Agra?
• If their Minister belongs to a smaller place, they will build an airport but not for Agra, which has drawn tourists of the world
• Centre and State keep passing the buck and no one does anything
• We’re on the banks of the Yamuna but even 60 years after independence, Agra doesn’t have sufficient drinking water
• Those sitting in Lucknow do not know what the common men and women want. That is the reason you are not getting water
• In Gujarat, we have taken Narmada waters right upto the Pakistan borders, through the desert
• The pipeline is so large that my friend Akhilesh can take his family in a Maruti car and drive through that pipeline. Can this not be done here?
• Political pundits ask me, will the Gujarat model work elsewhere? Gujarat set up a pipeline, you can build a canal but do something to get water to the people 
• We should focus on value addition that will help the farmers
• Development isn’t a priority with the Congress. They are used to vote-bank politics. They collect 25% of the people and neglect 75% of the people
• By nature, the Congress is a divisive party. They believe in divide and rule 
• Congress,Samajwadi Party, BSP are trying to outdo the other in vote-bank politics
• Samajwadi Party, BSP have borrowed vote-bank politics from the Congress and have embellished it. 
• It is a result of Congress’s sins that Samajwadi Party, BSP have been spawned 
• The BJP promises to not indulge in vote-bank politics and talk only of development 
• BJP is driven by principles of nationalism and integration. We do not want to those who divide people
• If we follow development agenda then these issues of casteism, communalism, dynasty politics will stop
• People from here who come to Gujarat told me it is not easy to live there in Agra
• Till when will the youth of our villages keep having to leave their homes in search of employment?
• Uttar Pradesh has no electricity but in select places there is electricity 24×7. Why this discrimination and injustice?
• There is a shortage of electricity because there is no coal. Why is there no coal? Because it was stolen. 
• Have you ever kept coal under lock and key in your homes? Have you ever heard of coal being stolen?
• When Supreme Court started a probe in to the coal scam, they lost the file. Aapki toh file kho gayi hain hamari toh life kho gayi hain
• The Congress leaders are not bothered about corruption. They feel it is a part of politics
• There was a minister from UP – who said that he didn’t believe a minister could have embezzled 70 lakhs. He said he could have believed it if the accusation was for 70 crores
• Their arrogance is at its zenith. They refuse to acknowledge the people of this country as a potent power
• We need to rid this country of the Congress and the Samajwadi Party and BSP. Till we throw, them out we can’t get in change
• I assure you this country is not poor, we’re capable of new heights.


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